With his lawyer’s help, a homeless veteran starts “a new beginning”

Swapna Yeluri, Director of Pro Bono Programs

Swapna Yeluri, Director of Pro Bono Programs

A homeless Baltimore veteran is now entitled to health care benefits and received an 80-percent, service-connected disability rating, thanks to Swapna Yeluri, his HPRP attorney. The 41-year-old man (who suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome) currently resides in a homeless shelter. But thanks to a lump-sum back award of over $4,600 and a monthly VA payment of over $1,500 a month, he is now looking for an apartment.

“Ms. Swapna was very empathetic to my horrific struggles while I was serving in the military,” the client wrote in an email. “While sitting down with her for more than three hours reviewing my military record, [she] not only served as my attorney demonstrating extreme knowledge and dedicated diligence, but she also unknowingly served as a mental therapist and a psychiatrist.”

“When I left [her] office, it felt like a load or burden had been lifted off of my shoulders,” he continued. “With the service that was provided to me by Ms. Swapna, I have a start to a new beginning and positive outlook on life.”

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