A disabled woman and her family will get public housing

Staff attorney Jasmyn Harrington

Staff attorney Jasmyn Harrington

A disabled and homeless Baltimore woman and her young family were granted a “reasonable accommodation” request with the help of her HPRP lawyer. The story: The Housing Authority of Baltimore City informed the woman that she was not eligible for housing assistance because she had a previous eviction from public housing and she owed a balance to the Housing Authority.

The client, 39, has two young children and a history of depression. “At the time of her eviction, she was dealing with a lot,” said HPRP housing attorney Jasmyn Harrington. “In January 2014, she lost her maternal grandmother, who raised her. In May, she then lost one of the only male figures in her life, her uncle, and in the very next month she lost her mother.”

The three back-to-back deaths exacerbated her disability and she had to check herself into a residential metal health clinic. “It was while she was at the mental health clinic that she was evicted for non-payment of rent,” Jasmyn said.

Jasmyn requested  that the client be allowed to enter into a repayment agreement to pay the money owed and that she be allowed to access housing through the Housing Authority before 2018, which was the year they told her she would be eligible again, as a reasonable accommodation for her disabilities. “The accommodation was granted and the client is now eligible for public housing and the Housing Choice Voucher Program,” Jasmyn said.

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