With the help of his pro bono attorney, a veteran gets a tenfold increase in benefits

With HPRP’s help, a veteran who suffered a knee injury while serving in the U.S. Army in the 1980s saw his monthly disability payments increase more than ten times, along with a six-figure retroactive award!

Swapna Yeluri, Director of Pro Bono Programs

Swapna Yeluri, Director of Pro Bono Programs

“In June 2008, he had partial knee replacement surgery,” said Director of Pro Bono Services Swapna Yeluri. “He had spent more than two years in physical therapy, followed by a second surgery in 2010. He has been unable to work and was adjudicated to be totally disabled by the Social Security Administration.” This veteran received medical and mental health treatment for years.

Nearly three years after his original claim was submitted to the VA, this veteran came to HPRP for help with his challenge of a 2012 rating decision. His “Notice of Disagreement” had gone undecided, while his financial circumstances, not to mention his physical and emotional health, deteriorated.

Extensive submissions to the VA by HPRP and volunteer attorney Paul Spence were followed by a new Rating Decision that increased the disability rating from 10 percent to 60 percent, with an entitlement to 100 percent individual unemployability, effective as of the 2010 filing of his original claim. “This vet now has the financial means to secure his home, reorder his finances and move forward with a stable and dignified life,” Paul said.

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