Mother now getting benefits that were illegally denied

Staff attorney Dalton Collins

Staff attorney Dalton Collins

With the help of her HPRP lawyer, a 25-year-old Baltimore mother will now receive Temporary Cash Assistance that was illegally denied her.

In April, she met staff attorney Dalton Collins at a One Baltimore for Jobs (1B4J) intake site. 1B4J is U.S. Dept. of Labor-funded job training program for at-risk youth and young adults in Baltimore.

The client told Dalton she was concerned because she had applied for TCA from the Baltimore City Department of Social Services (DSS) at the beginning of April and had not received a decision on her application.

Dalton agreed to investigate the status of her claim for benefits. Upon reviewing the client’s file with DSS, he discovered that her case had been unlawfully denied just one week before he began his investigation.

“Under the law, participants in the TCA program must cooperate with the state in seeking child support for their children from absent parents,” Dalton said. “In denying her request for TCA benefits, DSS said she had not cooperated. However, there was a document in the file proving she had, in fact, fully cooperated.”

Dalton immediately negotiated a reversal of the agency’s denial with the DSS. The client was then paid the benefits she was denied for April and is entitled to TCA benefits of over $500 per month for the next year.




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