Victory for our Neighbors who are Homeless this Winter!


Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day 2015 – remembering more than 100 who died in Baltimore

As a result of HPRP’s tireless advocacy on behalf of Baltimore’s homeless people, Baltimore City overflow shelters will open at 32 degrees – not at the 0-degree threshold the City had proposed (as reported in the Baltimore Brew and the Baltimore Sun).

Concerned residents and advocates for our homeless neighbors cried foul. “Ridiculous!” “Inhumane!”  Shocking!” and “Cruel!” were among the loud protests.

The Grinch had come to Baltimore even before Christmas. But HPRP stood firm against this proposal.  How in the name of anything sane could this happen? People die from exposure at 0 degrees. If other residents need to go inside, why wouldn’t people without homes need somewhere to go as well?

HPRP executive director Antonia Fasanelli summed it up well: “I never thought we would be arguing over basic shelter to prevent our clients from freezing to death in 2015, but I am glad we had the opportunity to fight against such cruel disregard for human life.”

Today, we are relieved that the City has agreed with HPRP. Would you send your donation to HPRP today to help us to continue to stand up for the basic human and legal rights of homeless people?

Thank you!


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