More eligibility equals more expungements at law clinics

Pro Bono Coordinator Emily Ford

Pro Bono Coordinator Emily Ford

On October 1, Maryland’s expungement law changed, allowing more crimes to be cleared from criminal records (and eliminate significant barriers to employment and housing). HPRP and its partners reported excellent attendance at the expungement clinic held earlier this week at the NAACP office in Sandtown-Winchester.

“A lot more people are now eligible for expungement,” said Emily Ford, HPRP’s pro bono coordinator. “People in the community have heard about the clinic and finding out they can be helped.”

One example: A volunteer attorney  discovered that because of the new law her client can now have 14 charges expunged from his criminal record. “Another man told us he couldn’t get a job after they told him it was because of the charge on his record,” Emily said. “He was really excited to find out that now it can be expunged. He said that he had made a lot of mistakes in life when he was younger.”

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