Heroes for Heroes

Ward Coe III

Ward Coe III

Words from Volunteers in HPRP’s Veterans’ Legal Assistance Project (VLAP): “I’m a veteran who served in the Marine infantry in Viet Nam,” said Ward Coe III. “I firmly believe that when the government puts folks in harm’s way, whether in war or in service to their country, it has an obligation to help those people. It’s so tough—people get injured in lots of way, both physically and emotionally. Sensitivity to that is improving, but resources are strained. I do it because I consider it to be a social duty.”

For more information on HPRP’s VLAP program, to volunteer or to donate, go to www.hprplaw.org.

HPRP currently has veterans cases that need immediate placement. Lawyers can watch an online training and then agree to staff an HPRP intake site or take a case. For more information and registration for the online, watch-when-you-want video, go to http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e8onnnw9b8823b0d&llr=56hupukab

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